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Build the design of your e-commerce app in 2 hours

Build the design of your e-commerce app in 2 hours

Read about how our E-commerce UI Kit can speed up your workflow.

We have already started to stand out among the developers with our products and our E-Commerce UI Kit decorated dozens of major e-commerce websites in a wonderful way.

We have launched the E-commerce Mobile Kit for mobile e-commerce apps and below I will show you how you can design your own app in 2 hours with it.

E-commerce mobile UI Kit

Note: This E-commerce Mobile Kit is not only design but also carefully coded and built on a powerful PWA and comes with ready-made screens and the necessary components if you use the hybrid method in development.

Let me first briefly show you what you will get when you get the E-Commerce Mobile Kit:

E-commerce UI Kit - Screens

  • 30-page templates with real-world use-cases

  • Ready to use components

  • Design files: Sketch and Figma included

  • HTML5 / CSS / SASS sources

  • Bootstrap 5 framework

  • Support by author

  • PWA (offline web) implemented

You don’t have to start all over from scratch!

The first 1 hour

Plan the project, what screens will you need and what structure will the user route map have?

These are important parts of the project for the design to code process, and you will need to plan the function of each screen and the sequence of screens correctly.

The second hour and are you ready to travel?

E-commerce UI Kit - Components

We do a lot of research every time we feel the essence of the direction in the product creation process, and as a result, only the components that form in the project are formed.

So you’ll need to start with ready-made screen templates or practice-based developer-friendly components.

This process takes almost 30 minutes because you just drag&drop.

Take care of the style guide when the screens are ready, the style guide comes first every time you start yourself from scratch. But since we already have it all connected to each other, it’s easier for you to start the process on ready-made screens.

This is also very easy in the coded version because we have styled based on the SASS preprocessor and the overall colours are attached to the variables.

So you again spent about 15 minutes to match the product style with your own brand and now the screens look more pleasing to you. Because it all seems to be compatible with your brand that you already and value for your customers.

I’m sure it’s all great, so we’ve got to a very interesting Prototyping part!

Feel free to connect the screens together without rushing, because you still have 15 minutes left :)


So we rediscovered the design of our e-commerce app with you in 2 hours or prepared a great design for a whole new startup. Maybe it will take more time in your experience but you will save a lot of time and money this way anyway. I hope you enjoyed it and you will go with a warm thought.

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